We understand that getting a certificate for something you accomplish is important. For this reason, Click On French delivers 2 types of certificates, and help you prepare for the most official of French certificates : the DELF exam.

Please note that currently Click On French covers only the A1 and A2 level in French, and all our certificates are up to these levels only.

The Attestation

Once you complete the course, the 25 lessons, no exam required, you just ask and we will provide you with an attestation confirming that you completed the A1 level of the French course. This attestation can be useful while applying to some universities / schools.

The Click On French Certificate

You will obtain the Certificate after passing a one hour's fully online exam. This exam will test your writing skills as well as your comprehension skills. The certificate can be used for applying for immigration, or to put in your resume if you apply for a job that requires French. There is an additional fee for the Certification test not included in the packages.

The fee for taking the certification exam is of Rs 1490.

Once you finished your course, contact us, and we will give you the details for the payment of the examination fee, and the dates of the next exam sessions.

The DELF Diploma

The DELF A1 diploma is delivered by the Alliance Francaise. Our team will help you get ready to pass this exam, and give you the necessary preparation and tips so you are successful.

The DELF A1 includes the testing of your French speaking skills, that’s why we recommend registering to the Click On French privilege package to get the assistance of a dedicated teacher, and increase your chances to succeed at the DELF exam.

Enrollment Letter

If you require it, we can also send you immediately after your registration an enrollment letter on Click On French letter head confirming your subscription at our French course.