We have also packages that are designed for enterprises and for the corporate world. Discover how your employees can benefit from it.

A package specifically designed for companies

Click On French has designed a package that answers the needs of companies. Let us know if the description below defines your needs :

  • Flexibility for your employees : The learning process shouldn't disturb their work schedule.
  • Efficiency : You want results. They should be able to speak, write and read practically in French enough so they can use it in the company.
  • Monitoring : Your HR department should know what is going on, who is performing or not.
  • Recognition : The efforts of your employees should be rewarded by an official recognition.

We have developed a solution that covers all these 4 aspects, so you can get the results you need.

The flexibility of an online French Course

The Click On French online course has been developed by the Alliance Francaise Network in India. It is fully online and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere. This gives your employees the flexibility to connect to it and continue their learning whenever they are free.

The efficiency of contact classes with a real teacher

Click On French is a project initiated by the French Embassy and recognized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With a community of 50,000 students we have already taught French efficiently to several thousands of people, be it individuals or corporate.  To ensure the efficiency of our course, our package comes with a dedicated teacher who will come to your premises once or twice per month according to your needs.

Monitoring of the progression

A training program in French is great, but it is even better if the progression of your employees can be monitored by your HR department, so their efforts can be rewarded and counted in their incentives. Click On French includes a complete monitoring solution that gives groups or indivdual statistics about the attendance, the progress, and the learning curve of your employees.

A recognized certificate / diploma

At the end of our program, your employees get either a recognized certificate or diploma. The certificate / diploma is recognized by the Alliance Francaise Network in India.