The DELF examination - Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française - is the first diploma in French as a foreign language with international acceptability issued by the French Ministry of Education.


What is DELF ?

The DELF diploma has lifetime validity and it is recognized worldwide. The organisation of this diploma is a joint venture between the Cultural Section of the French Embassy in India and General Delegation of the Alliance Française in India.

The DELF is the French equivalent of the English proficiency test TOEFL. The DELF is organised in different Levels, DELF A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, DELF PRO, DELF Junior.

Each of these certificates tests the four language proficiencies :reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

What is DELF A1?

The DELF A1 level corresponds to the acquisition of fundamentals of the French language: aptitude to communicate in French in various day-to-day situations.

With a A1 level you will be able to speak in most day to day situations..

How to prepare for DELF Exam?

You can prepare for DELF exam either online with Click On French, or you can enroll for a class at Alliance Française.

Click On French

Prepare your DELF A1 and A2 online
with a course prepared by teachers
of the Alliance Française.

  • Course prepared by teachers of the Alliance Française
  • The course is designed specifically for DELF preparation
  • Accessible 24/7 from everywhere
  • Hundreds of exercises and activities to make you practice DELF A1 notions
  • Final A1 certificate, similar to DELF exam

Alliance Française

There are centers in most cities all over India.

  • Regular classes in Alliance Française premises
  • Interaction with a real teacher

What is the content of the examination?

The candidate is evaluated on his/her capacities for listening comprehension and ability to speak French, and written comprehension and ability to write in French. The exam is composed of a written part and an oral interview. The candidate needs to get a score of minimum 50 points out of 100 to pass the exam.

Parts of the DELF A1 exam Time Grade
Listening Comprehension
Answers to some questions on 3 or 4 short sound files related to every day life situations
(2 listenings)
20 min / 25
Written Comprehension
Answers to some questions on 4 or 5 written documents related to every day life situations
(2 listenings)
30 min / 25
Written Production
2 parts :

- To fill in a form
- To write some simple sentences (postal cards, legends, ...) related to every day life situations
>30 min / 25
Listening/Oral Production
3 Parts :

- An interview
- Information sharing
- Simulated dialogue
5 to 7 min preparation : 10 min / 25

Who can register?

Registration is open to all non-French citizens who wish to prove their French language skills.

It is designed for anybody willing to give a value to his/her capability in French language, personally or professionally.

How to register?

Registration is conducted in every examination centre. The examination centres will inform you about the fees, the timings of exams and the venue.

What can I do if the examination center is too far ?

Can I take the exam remotely or online ?


You can not take the DELF exam remotely or online, you need to go to one of the examination centers.

If you really can't go to a DELF examination center, you can opt for a French Language Certificate issued by the French Embassy for the students who completed their A1 or A2 level on Click On French.

This French Language Certificate doesn't replace the DELF diploma, but for those who can't take the DELF exam it is a good way to test their level of French and get a recognised certificate that can be used for professional requirements to prove your level of French proficiency. 

Thousands of people have prepared their DELF exam with us

Click On French has been developed by expert teachers following the same structure as DELF. It is the perfect tool to prepare for the DELF exam.

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